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The country_supported Function

country_supported("DE", "username", "password")

Purpose: Informs if a given country is currently supported by the SOAP interface. Returns "yes" or "no" as information about the specified country. Additionally supplies a list of all supported countries as 2-digit country codes. If no country is specified, the function returns a list of all supported countries.

Input Parameters:

  • country: xsd:string
    A two-letter ISO country code. This field can also be left blank.
  • user: xsd:string
    The user name with which you log in to
  • password: xsd:string
    Your password.

Output Fields:

tns:CountryResStruct with the following fields:

  • result: 'yes' or 'no' - for the (optional) given country.
  • supported_countries: A list of 2-letter ISO country codes of all supported countries.
  • balance: Your account balance (number of remaining transactions).