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The transfer_form Function

transfer_form("international", "31.08.2016", "Hugo Meier", "AT022050302101023600", "SPIHAT22XXX", "Hans Müller", "BE68844010370034", "RABOBE22", "123,20", "Verwendungszweck1", "Verwendungszweck2", "username", "password")

Purpose: Validates the given IBANs and generates a SEPA transfer form in PDF format which, if printed in color and without allowing the printer to change the size, can be scanned by scanners in bank branches (tested with Volksbank in Germany). The form contains the given data, here: a transfer of EUR 123.20 from Hans Müller with IBAN BE68844010370034 to Hugo Meier with IBAN AT022050302101023600 and BIC SPIHAT22XXX, with the purpose (shown in two fields) "Verwendungszweck1" and "Verwendungszweck2", and with a QR code in the top right corner which makes it possible to automatically pre-fill a transfer form in a banking app with the given data.

Access: Same user id and password as for log in on

Input Parameters:

  • kind: xsd:string
    "international" for a SEPA transfer form or "qr" if only the QR code containing the transfer data is of interest. Entering "qr" here is primarily useful for users of an older version of the SOAP interface where the function qrcode does not yet exist.
  • date: xsd:string
    The date to be printed into the form.
  • toname: xsd:string
    The recipient name.
  • toaccount: xsd:string
    The recipient IBAN.
  • tobankcode: xsd:string
    The recipient BIC.
  • fromname: xsd:string
    The sender's name.
  • fromaccount: xsd:string
    The sender IBAN.
  • frombankcode: xsd:string
    The sender's BIC.
  • amount: xsd:string
    The amount in EUR.
  • memo1: xsd:string
    The text to be written into the field "Verwendungszweck 1".
  • memo2: xsd:string
    The text to be written into the field "Verwendungszweck 2".
  • user: xsd:string
    Your username.
  • password: xsd:string
    Your password.

Output Fields:

tns:TransferResStruct with the following fields:

  • url: the URL of the resulting PDF form. Please download the result within a few minutes of generating it.
  • result: 'passed' if both bank accounts are successfully validated and no other error has occured. Otherwise, this field contains an error message.
  • validation_to: the results of various checks in the datastructure used by the function validate_iban, for the first specified account (destination).
  • validation_from: the results of various checks in the datastructure used by the function validate_iban, for the second specified account (source).
  • balance: Number of remaining calculations you can do before having to recharge your account. This does not apply to customers who pay their calculations retroactively.

Using the transfer_form function instead of the function qrcode

When introducing the new function qrcode, we did not want to force our clients to adjust to a new WSDL file. Instead, for the "stable" version of the SOAP interface, we adapted the existing function transfer_form for creating QR codes.

Please see the documentation of the new function qrcode for an explanation of the purpose of QR codes for SEPA transfers, and for how to use the QR codes our system creates (for use on a website or in a PDF file).

Only if you would like to use the stable SOAP interface rather than the unstable version, REST, or the http wrapper (all of which include the new function), then please use the function transfer_form as follows.

In order to create the QR code you would get by calling

qrcode(recipient, iban, bic, amount, memo, label, user, password),

call instead:

transfer_form("qr", date, recipient, iban, bic, sender, sender_iban, sender_bic, amount, memo, label, user, password).

The parameters in bold face are the same as for the qrcode function. The non-bold parameters have no impact on the QR code, but the irrelevant IBAN should still be a valid IBAN.