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Calculate or validate IBANs

There are no running costs for having an account to use the SOAP interface or mass calculations. Instead, our prices depend on how many calculations you have pre-paid:

  • 10 calculations: Free when you sign up for the first time.
  • 1000 calculations: 39 EUR (plus VAT)
  • 5000 calculations: 69 EUR (plus VAT)
  • 10.000 calculations: 99 EUR (plus VAT)
  • 50.000 calculations: 299 EUR (plus VAT)
  • 100.000 calculations: 499 EUR (plus VAT)

To order calculations, please log in - then you can order under "Your account".

We can also bill you after you have done your calculations. That way, we will charge you only for as many calculations as you needed (according to the prices above, for example, 1500 calculations would be the price of one 1000-point package plus 500 points at the same price per point), but we will add a fixed base price of 15 EUR.

Terms and Conditions in a nutshell

In a nutshell (the long version, particularly for time-based subscriptions, can be found here):

Products/Service offered: Conversion of domestic bank account number to IBAN+BIC or validation of IBAN+BIC. Each conversion or validation costs one point. Point packages are listed above.

Terms and Conditions of the service: Points do not expire. Two mass calculations with 500 accounts each cost exactly the same as one mass calculation with 1000 accounts.

Refund/return policy: Erroneously entered orders can be cancelled. Paid point packages can be refunded within 3 days of the date of the order fulfillment, as long as you have not started using them (i.e., as long as all purchased points are still on your user account). No refunds for remainders of point packages which are partially used.

Time frame of delivery of the service: Points do not expire, i.e., once they have been credited to your account, you may use them whenever you please, in whatever portion sizes you please. Orders which are paid online by you, using one of the electronic payment systems we offer on the website, are immediately filled automatically. If you prefer to pay via bank transfer after having been issued an invoice, you need to notify us by mail. We strive to fill such orders within 24 hours.

Data (optionally with table for NL)

We sell access to our data (aggregated from public sources, daily check for updates, formatted as an SQL table or CSV file) for 500 EUR (plus VAT) per year.

For a total of 750 EUR (plus VAT) per year, we add a table with prefixes of Dutch account numbers which you can use for determining the bank for Dutch accounts. This is not guaranteed to always work correctly. You can test it on our free public website (choose the Netherlands, enter a Dutch account number but do not select the bank, hit "calculate IBAN" → the bank is guessed by using this table).

Please order by e-mail, fax, or phone.

Individual needs

If you have other needs, such as an iframe with an IBAN calculator with your own look & feel for your website, or if you would like us to do your mass calculations for you, please contact us.