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Privacy Policy

When you use this website, it is unavoidable to send certain data to the web server. This is how we treat your data:

Dane, które należy wprowadzić

We use data which you actively enter (for instance, your profile data when you register for the professional version). Because of the correctness guarantee, as part of every calculation, we encrypt account data (and other data entered for calculations) using a public key and store them for 2 months. The private key is not on the server, thus even if a hacker would break into the server within 2 months after data have been entered, he could not read them. When you perform mass calculations, you have control over when the data are deleted; you can delete your file from the server immediately once you are certain you no longer need it. Mass calculation data are not encrypted since otherwise you would not be able to download the results in legible form.

No Google Analytics!

Unlike many other websites, we do not use Google Analytics but instead use our own Piwik server for analyzing web traffic. This means: data about how you use our website, which would otherwise be sent to the U.S., stays safely with us in Germany and does not even leave our company. (We still use Google AdSense, though, in order to provide you with a free version of the IBAN calculator - see under "Cookies").

If you want to opt out of our Piwik visitor tracker, remove the checkmark below:


Some of our services require the use of so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files which your browser stores on your own computer. Cookies may contain information about your visit on our web site. Most browsers accept cookies by default. You can, however, configure your browser such that it does not store cookies or asks you before storing a cookie. If you deny cookies, you won't be able to use all aspects of this website. For instance, you won't be able to log into your user account. Cookies are also used for Google AdSense ads. For details about Google's use of cookies and how you can control this, see here. They use information about your browsing behaviour, also on other websites, for showing you personalized ads, but they do not use your name, address, e-mail address, or phone number for this purpose.