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The find_bank endpoint



Example: finds banks in the country "DE" (Germany) whose names contain "Deutsche", and whose bank codes contain the number sequence "100".

Purpose: Full-text search of banks in supported countries. The restriction to a given country is optional - if the second parameter is the empty string, the function searches all supported countries. Likewise optional are the bank code and search term parameters.

Input Parameters:

  • searchterms
    Search terms. If one or more whole words are given, then the search is fast and encompasses bank names and addresses. If partial words are entered, then the search takes longer and only searches bank names. This parameter can also be left empty by entering "". In this case, the search should be limited using some other field, for example the bank code field (see below). Last, but not least, this parameter can also be used to look up banks based on the PAN number. If a 5-digit number and nothing else is entered for this parameter, the search is limited to German banks whose PAN equals the given number.
  • country
    A two-letter ISO country code. This field can also be left blank. If a country is specified, the search will be limited to that country. Otherwise, all supported countries will be searched.
  • bankcode
    (Optional.) String of characters, or empty (""). If a non-empty string is entered, the search will return banks whose bank codes contain the search string.
  • maxitems
    Maximal number of search results.

Output Fields:

  • result: Empty if no error has occured. Otherwise, an error message.
  • banks: A list of banks. Information about each bank is delivered with the following data structure:

    • name: Bank name.
    • bic: BIC.
    • bankcode: Domestic bank code.
    • address: Bank address, if known.

  • balance: Your account balance (number of remaining transactions).