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The restore_iban Function

restore_iban("IE92BOFI900__710027952", "username", "password")

Purpose: accepts up to two placeholders in an IBAN and returns all formally correct IBANs which fit the given pattern. If the function returns only one possible IBAN, this means that the missing characters are now known.

Access: Same user id and password as for your user log in on

Input Parameters:

  • iban: xsd:string
    The IBAN to be completed, with up to two placeholder characters ("_") replacing unknown digits or characters.
  • user: xsd:string
    The user name with which you log in to
  • password: xsd:string
    Your password.

Output Fields:

tns:restore_ibanResponse with the following fields:

  • iban_candidates: an array of all formally correct IBANs which fit the given pattern. If there is only one entry in this list, this means that the values of the placeholders are now known.
  • result: a short description of the result in natural language, such as "Found 1 candidate(s) for IE92BOFI900??710027952"
  • IBANformat: A string describing the IBAN format for the given country, for example: 'DEkk BBBB BBBB CCCC CCCC CC'.
  • formatcomment: Key to the IBANformat string, for example: 'B = sort code (BLZ), C = account No.'
  • balance: Number of remaining calculations you can do before having to recharge your account. This does not apply to customers who pay their calculations retroactively.