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The validate_creditor_identifier Function

Example: Entering 
validate_creditor_identifier("DE47ZZZ00000023373", "user name", "password")
Validates the Creditor Identifier "DE47ZZZ00000023373" (length, checksum, etc.). 

Purpose:Plausibility check for Creditor Identifier, as well as decomposition of the number into country code, Creditor Business Code, and National ID. Possible tests: the incorporated checksum, country designation (SEPA country), and the length. 

Input Parameters:

  • creditor_identifier: xsd:string
    The Creditor Identifier to be validated.
  • user: xsd:string
    The user name with which you log in to
  • password: xsd:string
    Your password.

Output Fields:

tns:CreditorIDValResStruct with the following fields:

  • id: the validated Creditor Identifier
  • result: 'passed' or 'failed' - for a formally valid or invalide Creditor Identifier.
  • return_code: the results of the checks performed, expressed as a single number. Not all possible checks are necessarily performed (see the other fields). The "return_code" is "0" if all the tests implemented for the county in question were performed and passed. Otherwise, the number is the sum of one or more of the following numbers: 512=incorrect length of the Creditor Identifier; 1024=invalid country code (not a SEPA country); 2048=ID checksum error (positions 3 and 4). If the return_code is 65536, then this means it is undefined. This should not happen, and we would be grateful for notification if 65536 is indeed returned. 
  • checks: an array containing names of the checks performed (can contain elements such as "length" or "checksum"). 
  • country: the ISO country code (the first two digits of the identification number).
  • creditor_business_code: 3 digits specified by the creditor, for example a branch number.
  • national_id: the national ID number that identifies the creditor.
  • length_check: 'passed' or 'failed' - depending on if the length matches that expected for the specified country.
  • checksum_check: 'passed' or 'failed' (Correctness of the two digit checksum directly after the country code in the Creditor Identifier).
  • balance: Your account balance (number of remaining transactions).