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For every version of the interface (production/test/development), you can read the corresponding version of the documentation by visiting the SOAP URL with your browser, for example:

Below you will find the documentation for the current production version:

Validating IBANs, Converting to IBANs, getting additional information

  • validate_iban: performs multiple checks, returns additional information such as SWIFT BIC, bank name, etc.
  • validate_iban_bic: performs the checks done by validate_iban, plus a softer check for whether the given BIC code might belong to the IBAN. For a stringent test, please use validate_iban and check whether the BIC to be validated is among the returned BIC candidates. Use validate_iban_bic only if validate_iban gives you too many false negative results for BIC codes.
  • calculate_iban: converts BBAN to IBAN, performs multiple checks, returns additional information such as SWIFT BIC, bank name, etc.
  • Also see supported_countries, a function for figuring out which countries are supported by validate_iban and calculate_iban, and to what degree.
  • find_bank: international bank/bank code/BIC search.

Validating other numbers (creditor identifier, ABA routing code, BBAN...)

  • calculate_iban also validates the BBAN (domestic account number) besides converting it to an IBAN.
  • validate_creditor_identifier checks the checksum.
  • validate_aba checks the checksum of an ABA routing code and returns additional information (if available).

Reconstruct illegible characters in an IBAN

  • restore_iban accepts up to two placeholders in an IBAN and returns all formally correct IBANs which fit the given pattern. If there is only one possibility, then the missing characters are known.

Create a QR Code containing the contents of a SEPA transfer form

  • qrcode creates a QR code which you can print onto an invoice. It allows your client to pay your invoice with the touch of a button (rather than by copying a lengthy IBAN into his banking software).

Create a SEPA transfer form in PDF format

  • transfer_form creates a PDF file with a SEPA transfer form containing validated IBANs and other data, including a QR code for populating a transfer form in a banking app.

Multilingual BBAN-to-IBAN conversion form

  • get_form creates HTML forms for entering and converting domestic account numbers.
  • get_dutch_banks can be used for populating a drop-down box for selecting a Dutch bank.
  • get_swiss_banks can be used for populating a Swiss bank selecting drop-down box.
  • supported_countries is useful for populating a country selection drop-down box.

Reporting the existence of IBANs, earning credits

  • submit_iban can be used for submitting an IBAN/account holder combination in clear text. The IBAN will not be stored, neither encrypted nor in clear text; only salted hashes will be stored.
  • submit_hashes can be used for submitting the salted hashes describing an IBAN/account holder combination. Use this function instead of submit_iban if you cannot submit IBANs in clear text and prefer to do the hashing yourself.
  • get_salts returns a list of salts derived from an account holder. You must use these salts when using the submit_hashes function.

Miscellaneous other functions

  • get_balance retrieves the current balance on your user account.
  • calculate_iban_batch calculates up to 50 IBANs with one function call.
  • validate_iban_batch validates up to 50 IBANs with one function call.